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M2 Pro and DataDash Mining made simple...

Who is TavernSide Gaming?

Welcome travelers!
Most of you know me as TSG or TavernSide Guides. I want to welcome you all to this website I created! My goal for a long time has been to provide as many resources to make sure our community is always prepared to make informed decisions that will result in maximum profits.

I'm thrilled that you've found this website, and here are a few things I hope to provide:

  • Video guides of both MXC and DHX programs and features,

  • Reviews of recent announcements, AMAs, new features,

  • Text transcripts for our community researchers to review,

  • A community forum where you can connect with me directly as needed

  • So much more in the making...

To begin utilizing this website to it's full potential:

  • Take some time and check out the different web pages to know what is available

  • Stay up to date by subscribing to the website. You will get notified when I post new video guides, transcripts, or other community based resources!

  • Fully test the community resources listed under the community resources page (Credit to Phan and Midir)


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